. The fine tuning of the universe



One of the accusations against Christianity is that we simply accept everything by faith and that our views are not backed up by scientific evidence.


However, many of our dear atheists in the world actually believe everything they do by faith. They simply have blind faith in scientists and any view contrary to a Biblical view. When they say that they base everything on science, they actually lie. The following two videos will place before you an argument that atheists just cannot refute without declaring absolute faith in their own opinions. Watch the videos and decide for yourself which position is sustainable.



Does Genesis 1 reflect what science has recently discovered about the creation of the universe? In this session Dr. Hugh Ross shows this is increasingly the case. As astronomers look back at the timing and intricate details of the galaxies, the evidence is growing to show the universe had a beginning, followed by the creation of planet earth in such a way that coincides with the opening verses of Genesis 1.