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It is our uncompromising goal to build a missions minded church and a family of believers who care about each other and the world for whom Christ died. Our desire is to be a family whose arms reach around the globe to touch foreigners locally and if needed abroad as far as the Lord will lead us to effective involvement. Our commitment is faithfulness to the Great Commission, and we do not believe it is the great choice.

We believe the Bible is a missionary book, the Gospel is a missionary gospel, and for a church to be a valid New Testament Church it must be a Missionary church.

We are resolved to be involved in any way we can with our time and resources available to further the cause of world wide missionary efforts. We will give to missions, pray for missions and participate in missions.

None of this we will do because of the need which is dire, but because God is worthy of  the worship of all people, because Christ is worthy to receive the full reward of His suffering, because the Gospel is worthy of acceptance by all and because the Holy Spirit is sovereignly able to equip us and use us for the spreading of the manifold wisdom and the glory of God to all people.