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. The Characteristics of a True Church


On the 31st of July Logos Community Church and Houtkruis Gemeenskapskerk became one church.


Our desire is to be the Church that Jesus intended us to be, or better put: 'A True Church'. To become this church it has to be modeled after what Scripture teaches us and not popular thinking. We realise that quantative church growth normally lies in the arena of popular thinking, while quality growth lies with Scripture. In our desire to get others to join us in like-minded thinking we are posting this series of sermons by Dr Johan MacArthur. This is by no means an endorsement that we agree 100% with him on all things, but hey, we are not the standard, so listen to him with open minds, judge him by Scripture. You are going to battle to get a more substantial series than this on the topic. Come visit us at Logos.