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The ramblings on evolution by Nicki Coertze


The following is not meant to be anything academic, but just a few ramblings by me, based on a little bit of experience. The main purpose is to introduce you to helpful video clips on the topic of Darwinian Evolution. There is so much out there, so I thought let me be helpful and streamline them. Is evolution a tool in the hands of the devil to try and disprove a Creator God?

Over the past few years I have been in daily debates with atheists who confuse atheism with science. They believe that because they believe in evolution and because most scientists supposedly believe in evolution, therefore they are little scientists. Based on their behaviour you would bet that the day you become an atheist you receive a Ph.d in science. I have discovered however that militant atheists are pseudo-everything. They think that atheism requires a greater amount of intellect and a greater amount of education and that Christians simply base their lives on faith. They will make statements for example and quote some respected atheist scientist that seem to indicate that all scientists believe in evolution as fact. The reality however is that it depends who you speak to and it depends which poll you read. There are many scientists who as believers in a sense are in the closet regarding their belief in creation simply because their jobs would be on the line. Dr Jerry Bergman for example has two Ph.d’s, five Masters Degrees, and 2 Bachelors. He was a full blown atheists and as a scientist he became firstly convinced of creation and then he turned to faith in the creator. Simply because he no longer believes that there is scientific evidence for Darwinian evolution he lost his job.

Now one of the things that militant atheists will pretend in debates is that they actually understand science and that theirs is not simply a blind belief in scientists. They are actually educated people. I put this to a test and I took a definition on the Big Bang Theory from a scientific website. It is actually a bit more than a definition as it explains the birth of the universe in the first few moments. I then placed this definition in a debate forum and asked all the militant atheists if they believe in this definition because they scientifically understand it or because they simply accept it in faith. They assured me that they understood it and did not simply embrace it in faith. Well, they proved to me that they are all little pseudo-astronomers as well, because what I did is to take 20 words and facts and changed it with non-existent words that I created and I also modified all figures which included time and temperature. None of them picked that up, which proved my point that they had no clue what they were talking about but that they simply accepted it in faith.

The same with evolution. There is a ground swell of the populous for evolution. However, very few actually understand its claims. Our dear militant atheists are experts at google. You can ask any question in a google search and it is bound to deliver an article written by somebody somewhere. Now as long as it is not written by a Christian they are happy to present that as their arguments. When you present a Christian version on the same topic, it is rejected because all Christians according to atheists have a brain virus. What do Christians know? What they will not tell you is that over 100 000 scientists in the USA for example are outspoken creationists. Many of these were atheists who became convinced of creation due to scientific evidence. The majority of them all have Phd’s behind their names. There are more than 1 million scientists with Phd’s around the world who are creationists. There is actually a document released with the names of over 3000 highly regarded scientists in the USA who are all Darwin Dissidents, and are now outspoken creationists.

Being an atheistic scientist like Richard Dawkins does not mean that you are a cut above the rest. Who can ignore the lay Baptist Preacher Charles Townes who shared the Nobel Prize in Physics for his ground-breaking work in quantum electronics: in 1953, thanks in part to what Townes calls a "revelation" experienced on a park bench, he invented the maser (his acronym for Microwave Amplification by Stimulated Emission), which amplifies microwaves to produce an intense beam. By building on this work, he achieved similar amplification using visible light, resulting in the laser (whose name he also coined). I can mention many more, but this will become evident later, as at the moment I am still rambling on.

Many pastors today, like our dear atheists will regard themselves as Theistic Evolutionists. What they mean by that is that scientists who believe in evolution must me right, so therefore God must have in His Sovereign wisdom chosen evolution as the way in which He created. I have had a few discussions with pastors who believe in Theistic Evolution, and discovered that they just like most of our dear atheists actually are declaring faith in scientist, and obviously a greater faith in scientists that uphold evolution than scientists who reject evolution. Now, I am not going to get into micro and macro evolution now. Some regard it as the same thing, others see a difference. The simple definition of Evolution is actually just ‘change over time’. Very few of us should have a problem with that. The problem is with evolution through whatever process via mutations, natural selection or whatever, that has caused ‘goo to be you’. Darwin clearly stated that one kind can become another kind. So birds can become reptiles, a hyena, hippo or bear can become a whale. After all my own reading and watching videos and listening to lectures etc., I do not believe that there is a scientist in the world that can prove that some pond scum in some primordial soup can become an intellectual human being even when given millions of years. The fossil records do not prove it. Sure, some claim that there are transitional fossils. But is it true? What evidence do we have that the similarity between species whether in bone structure or DNA proves transition and not just similarity? But again, I will not go there in my ramblings.

So, this part of our Website is now dedicated to provide you our visitor with videos that will address the issues from a Christian perspective. While we appreciate science and specifically hard science and the benefits it has for society, we do not have to blindly buy into everything. Scientists do not always agree, and they do not always question each other as they ought to do. Many of them are blinded by their own perceptions and faith in evolution, and will blindly follow everything that seems to be anti a creator God. For example one of the key skeletons in the supposed whale evolution is still published and presented as a key transitional animal in spite of the fact that it has been debunked. The atheistic evolutionist and palaeontologist acknowledged when confronted by Christians that he actually simply drew in parts of what was to become a whale even though the skeleton he had did not minutely support that. This dishonesty and wishful thinking has been exposed over and over and over.

So, let’s kick off with our first video which you can click on below. Here you will see that Professors in evolutionary biology as well as their students cannot answer one simple question namely ‘provide us with just one example of evolutionary change from one kind to another.’ One professor actually states that he can provide thousands, and when pressed for just one, he could not. When evolutionists are stuck then they resort to millions and millions of years ago there was a change. What they actually mean is that they accept it in faith, because they have no proof.

So, enjoy the video, and then browse down the menu, where you will see a link with videos put together to support a particular argument. I hope you find this helpful.