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There are just certain events that impact a person’s emotions and life, and one of those is often when the underdog rises to victory. Who will forget the rise of Susan Boyle from a country woman with a dream to a great singer?

As we pray and contemplate at Logos how the Lord will use us in Mercy Ministries, and as we are already involved now with Samaritan House, I pray that the following video will really touch your heart for the right reasons. The Video is from Korea’s got Talent. Sung-bong Choi is a 22 year old hopeful that he will be discovered. He was rejected by his parents at the age of 3 and left in an orphanage. At the age of five he fled the home due to their child abuse. He lived on the streets by himself since, sleeping in public toilets at night, and selling gum and energy drinks to survive. On this night at Korea’s got talent his life changed. They saw the potential in him to sing. One of the judges makes mention of that ‘instrument in you’. Well watch the video before you read further.


Yes, the underdog has conquered once again and 33 million people at least know about him and have listened to his voice according to the hits on You Tube.

As we reach out to the orphans at Samaritan House, take care of the homeless and however the Lord will lead our members, may we realise that in each young child there is the potential to become someone great no matter what life has dealt them. But, more than that, it is their souls we are concerned about, and hopefully God will raise up young men and women who are not dependant on ‘that instrument (their voice)’ in them to become known throughout the world, but that it will be CHRIST IN THEM, the hope of Glory spreading His fame through them into a lost world. It was just the other night as the young people gathered at my home that Prince, an orphan asked me for some of my theological books to read, because he wants to be a pastor. Sung-bong Choi, Luther, Calvin, Spurgeon, Jonathan Edwards!…….. Prince? Those men have all become renowned for their voice, Sung-bong Choi for his singing, others for the gospel. Oh may we see people through the eyes of the cross, and pray that God will raise up a new generation of people whose voice will be heard for His glory, and that their message will be Christ crucified, risen and coming again.

Pray for Mark Page and Ann van Heese as they minister to more than 20 orphans every Friday from 14:00 – 16:00, and pray for others like Alana who goes and does her bit in the caring for the orphans in assisting in practical ways. May we be as Christ to those little ones who like Sung-bong Choi had no hope in this life. We know that Christ is our only hope.