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Logos Community Church does care about the ladies in our church. We do not believe that they must be relegated to the kitchen on Sundays and not feel part of the greater fellowship of Logos. Neither do we believe that the ministry of the Word is inadequate to this one particular sector of the church, therefore our ladies do not need to get together every week to do more and more Bible Book Epositions. Alongside the men of the church they get a healthy dosage of Bible exposition every Sunday as well as the opportunity to share in further Bible Book Studies in our small groups.

The purpose of our ladies ministry will therefore be as follows.

  • To gather on a monthly basis for fellowship and sharing.
  • To share the heart of the gospel in the context of that fellowship with those who do not believe.
  • To share their hearts with one another, testifying of God's grace and their joy of knowing the Lord.
  • To expose one another to the heart of the Scripture as they apply it to their lives as women.
  • To shepherd the hearts of the younger women as they expose them to the working of the Spirit and the Word of God in their own lives.
  • To express a heart of mercy to those in need, by finding ways in which we can reach out as a community to those in need.
  • To cultivate a heart for the Lord in encouraging one another to love Christ better and to spur one another on to love and good deeds.
  • To make available resources like books and cd's that contain spiritual food that is safe and recommended to us by those we trust.


Pray for our ladies ministry.