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.. Who are you to judge? Who is He to judge? - Page 4. In closing

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.. Who are you to judge? Who is He to judge?
Page 2. Because of whom He is.
Page 3. Because of what He knows.
Page 4. In closing
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In closing.


Paul’s call to us is very clear. You are not Christ and you do not know what He knows, so stop judging. He is Lord, you are not, He knows the things that are not in the light either as far as deeds or our Biblical understanding are concerned and we don’t know it. Also He knows the motives of a man’s heart and we don’t.

But there is more and I must end with it. Verse 5 continuous and says: “Then each one will receive his commendation from God”.

This is interesting. Paul is talking about negative judgment from our side and says, leave it to God, but when he gets to the verdict he speaks about ‘commendation’ and not ‘condemnation’. ‘Lord, are you not going to sort them out now? Surely if we left the judging up to you, you must zap them, otherwise they get away with what they did.’ But how will believers be judged on that day? When all the wood, hay and straw are burned away, all that remains is the gold silver and precious stones, and that will be awarded. Verse 5 says: “Then each man will receive His commendation from God.” They will receive their crowns, and even those who are unfairly judged by others now, will be vindicated on that day, as the Lord of Lord’s and the King of Kings reveals the things that we saw in darkness and declares the motives of a person’s heart.

But some may ask ‘why will there be commendation and not condemnation?’ Romans 8:1 (ESV) is clear on the matter: “There is therefore now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus.”

I want to end by quoting Dave Swavely as he creates a picture of that day when the Lord Judges. He says: “I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to be the fool who passed judgment on them before the time. I don’t want to stand under the fiery glare of the Holy God, and hear Him say to me, ‘Did you think that this child of mine was wrong in what he did, and criticise him to others?” “Y-y-yes Lord”. I will have to answer with a gulp. “Well I did not think he was wrong at all! Nothing in my Bible said what He did was wrong, and I happen to know that his heart was right, which makes Me quite pleased with him. So the only person who was wrong in the situation was you!”

Logos family and friends, let us not be found guilty of causing division among the body of Christ, by judging too early. Let’s allow God to be God in this matter, as He is the only one capable of judging, and He is the only one who knows that which is not in the light now, and He is the only one who knows the motives of a man’s heart.



11 March 2012 – Logos Community Church.