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..The nature of a healthy church (part 2) - Page 7. Conclusion

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..The nature of a healthy church (part 2)
Page 2. A Healthy church is a praying church
Page 3. A healthy church is a powerful church
Page 4. A healthy church is a loving church
Page 5. A healthy church is a joyful church
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Page 7. Conclusion
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In conclusion, I trust that God has ministered to your heart today. Are you committed to see Logos be what the early church in Jerusalem was?

Let me end this sermon with an illustration and an explanation of the picture embedded into these sermon notes. Quite a few years ago I ministered on the Island of Mindanao in the Philippines in a town called Mlang. These 10 days of ministry changed my heart more than I think it could have changed any of their hearts. Mindanao is a Muslim rebel stronghold, and on my first evening there, the military base was under attack of the Muslim Rebels. Everything was new for me as I never ministered in a Pilipino culture. Their food was different especially their ‘balut’ which I refused to eat. I knew I was going to come home with experiences but I could never prepare my heart for what I was going to see.

As I arrived at church I watched people arriving, some dropped off by a Jeepney, some on foot, others on bicycles, others on little three wheel tractors, others on motorbike taxis and others on water buffalos. The only person with a car in the church was the pastor who had a Volkswagen Beetle donated to him by a missionary from the USA. Then I saw a sight that revolutionised my own commitment. Here arrived a family of five on a bicycle. What a sight to see a father and 4 beautiful ladies, well dressed making their way to church on one bicycle for a total difference of 8 km. This they did service after service for 10 services that I held there in spite of the baby having a leaking heart valve, a very good reason in our culture for mommy to stay at home. It was the Tuesday night that God changed my heart forever. That day the Island was hit by a small cyclone, which filled the Island with darkness as the power was cut out. They lit lamps in the church building and the service was going on because the Holy Spirit was not charged by 220 volts and therefore the darkness and rain was no deterrent. I thought to myself that I would not see the family arrive that night, because let’s face it, back at home we have members living across the road and they frequently have to lie in because you know life is tough and they need their beauty sleep. I don’t even want to go into the excuses we offer. That night as I stood on the church stair I saw in the darkness this sight of a paraffin lamp bobbing up and down as the leg of the father would push up his daughter sitting on the cross bar of the bicycle holding their lamp. There they were in spite of. Church family I started by asking what is commitment, what is it for a pic to become bacon. May this picture of this family change your heart forever? Like us their kids must go to school the next day, the father must go and work for his daily wage as packing manager in a rice factory. You need to ask yourself, why are they different than so many people we know and maybe are.

May I ask you to join me at Logos? Our goal is going to be to glorify God, and after that we will glorify God, and after to glorify God. We will do this by learning, by fellowshipping, by praying together, and enjoying the power of God as we grow together in joy and praise in the midst of our love one for another, so that we can stand back and see just how the Lord grows His church, His way for His glory. It's been a wonderful morning, hasn't it? Oh how I pray that we would be the church that God builds His way and the gates of hell would never prevail against it. Until Jesus comes. Are you going to be dedicated or are you going to be committed?


Logos Community Church:-  19 February 2012