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..The nature of a healthy church (part 2) - Page 3. A healthy church is a powerful church

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..The nature of a healthy church (part 2)
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Page 3. A healthy church is a powerful church
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Fifthly, A healthy church is a powerful church.

43 Everyone was filled with awe, and many wonders and miraculous signs were done by the apostles.

Everyone was filled with awe is maybe just another way of saying that this was an awesome church. They still had the apostles with them and they were performing deeds that only the apostles could perform. 2 Corinthians 12:12 (NIV) “12 The things that mark an apostle—signs, wonders and miracles—were done among you with great perseverance.” The word for awe is ‘fabas’ in the Greek. It doesn't mean terror. It means reverence. It is a word that is used very specifically in the New Testament. It is reserved for times when people's minds are struck with an awe that is based on something powerful, something divine, something beyond their ability to explain or to handle.

We might not have the apostles with us today, and we may therefore not see the apostolic gifts in action on a daily basis, but man I stand amazed and in awe at just what I have seen God do in our midst just over the past few weeks. And so when the world looked at the early church they were filled with awe. They couldn't believe what they saw. They saw a move of the very Christ that they had killed on the cross, and it shocked the world, they took notice and they stood in awe. We are still young, but I wonder how the Polokwane community are going to view us here at LOGOS in time to come?

Now let me just say this before I get off this point. I have mentioned that in that day God displayed His power in the apostolic way in the apostolic time with apostolic miracles. Today God doesn't do that as the apostles are no longer with us. But God's power is still on display. God is still healing people of illness today. God is still putting marriages together. God is still bringing people out of drugs and alcohol and sin and bringing them to Christ. God is still transforming families. God is still transforming young people. God is still changing businesses and their owners to glorify Him. God is still doing marvellous and wondrous things. And the world has to look and say ‘man, there's some kind of power going on in that community of people even though they no longer have the apostles and the signs that marked apostles amongst them’. So the church was awesome and the church was powerful.