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Church means more than sitting in a pew. Whether you are looking for a fellowship group or want to be baptised or become a member, or you want to study further to simply become a better disciple of Christ or a spiritual leader—we are thrilled you're seeking the next step!


Allow us to plug you in!

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One of the outstanding needs in the church universal is the call to grow up in Christ. The Great Commission is for us to not only evangelize but also to disciple, to teach people to obey everything that Jesus has taught.


You can teach people facts, but you can't teach people to obey; that is only accomplished within relationship.


There are three three levels of classes on offer. You can either click on the class level and exit Logos and open that particular class, or you can hold in your control key and click on that class to enter that class while keeping Logos open as well.


There are classes for —1. for new believers, and then 2. for those who desire to grow deeper into Christ, and then for 3. those who desire to prepare for leadership. We want to encourage you to make use of this great free offer.


Plug into Leadership Training

The classes in this section presented by The BiblicalTraining Institute offer you a free seminary-level education of unparalleled quality. The world renowned professors come from a variety of denominational backgrounds and are all firmly evangelical For those who desire the noble office of being an elder, this level of studies are higly recommendable. It is time to dig deep, so that we can point others to the gems of the Word of God. Click on the graphic below, which will take you directly to the Leadership section of The Biblical Training Institute Site.