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. Heart-Core Children's Ministry

All our ministries have the heart as its focus point, and no less HeartCore Children's Ministry.

Our aim is to shepherd the hearts of our children and to lay Biblical foundations that will carry them into the years to come. We cannot do this alone parents have to do their share. As time continuous we will have more to offer to our children, but for now we kick off with Children's Church.


We believe that families should be in worship, but realise that this is an ideal that we cannot realise due to many factors. At the same time, we also realise that while it is good for children to be in church and to sit still and to learn what the church is all about, and while we realise that they do learn something even from the most difficult sermons, we are not ministering to their hearts but rather getting them to conform to some legal standing, as they will comply for the sake of complying without the relevant impact.

So, our children will be leaving the service at the time of the sermon, and they will have their own programme in the hall with the great outdoors available on our property as well. So, bring your children and invite your friends with children.


We have great plans for the future, but watch this space!


Let's invest in our children and see our money grow!!

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