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Update 10 November 2018


Pray for our shut-ins. But do more than that. Go and visit them,


There are many people struggling with the common flues.

Pray for Pastor Johan Hulshof who has been diagnosed with Limphoma.

Pray for Jonothan Joubert who is in ICU after a car accident.

Pray for Jimmy du Sart who is recovering of a Cancer Operation

Pray for Billy Kritzenger who is in hospital.



Many of our members are struggling with issues on various levels. Some with business, others with family issues including addictions, others financially, others spiritually and the list goes on.





I have decided to add a song to this page which can be of great encouragement to us all and in particular to those working through trials.



"There are two prayers always worth praying, "Lord show me myself, " and "Lord, show me thyself." May both be heard, and you will be well taught of God."

Remember that true prayer is always the echo of eternal purposes.

Please let us know if there is any way we can pray for you. Pop us an e-mail on the contact page..

If any member or adherent of Logos desires to have their request made known in the public domain we will within reason place it on our website.