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Pray for your leaders. Like you they are saved by Grace and kept by Grace but they are tempted in every way as you are. They need your prayers as much as you need theirs. Too often we ask the question 'how good are our leaders?', but we should also ask the question 'how good are our members?' Let's strive to be a family that cares for one another because we are one.


Nicki Coertze (Ministry experience 36 years)

Mike van Heese

Cobus Joubert

Gerhard van der Westhuizen

Ernie Whitcomb (Pastoral Ministry experience of more than 25 Years.)

Val Scott


Together we are committed to:

  • Develop a Healthy Church - A healthy church is one with a dynamic balance between various ministry components, all focused on a single purpose of making disciples.

  • Reach the Unchurched - The purpose of the Church is to reach those who do not know Jesus as Savior and Lord. Reaching the unchurched requires ministries that meet the felt needs of people  with the love of Jesus.

  • Nurture Godly Families - Godly families are essential for a healthy church and for a positive impact on the community. One of our priorities is to provide a nurturing environment where the whole family can learn to put God first in their lives.

  • Multiply Small Groups - Small groups are an integral part of the community of believers. Through small groups people can more effectively love and care for each other.

  • Develop Spiritual Leadership - The purpose of the church is carried out as "each part does its work". Developing mature spiritual leaders is the primary task of the elders and pastoral staff.