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. Who are you to judge? Booklet

The eight sermons that were preached on the topic; "Who are you to judge?" are now available in printed form. The book/booklet whatever you prefer to call it consists of 80 pages and is printed in full colour for easier reading. It is available at a cost of R 50.00 and can be purchased at church on Sunday or ordered via our Website. "Click Here" to order it via the web and simply enter your contact information at the bottom of the page. This series that was preached over 8 weeks is critical for the ongoing unity of the church, as so many churches are divided and so many lives ruined due to the sin of judging, legalism and slander. We trust that these 8 sermons will bring much clarity on the issue, even though we believe that 8 sermons really just scratches the surface as far as these issues are concerned.