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As a group we always have some questions we want answered. This is your place to do it. Simply post your question on our 'contact sheet' and we will see what we can do with it. At times I will as pastor see if I can give a simple answer, at other times I will do some research, and at other times I will invite an expert in the field to answer it for you. This is not a debate forum to argue about various views. The purpose is to uplift one another in the Lord. So feel free, to post your questions.


Otherwise all you need to do, to save me time (ha-ha) is to click on the banner below which will take you to a trusted Q&A site, of which the following regarding Cain's wife is a sample with my little bit of an adition to personalise it for our site. They have 310, 825 questions answered. So most of the questions that should come to mind will be answered there. It is a privilege for us at Logos to offer you links to sites that we know are trusted and recommended by responsible peers. There are a lot of dangerous sites all over the web where the answers to your questions can be devastating. These guys we trust.