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I loved listening to the story of this young man. At Logos we do not teach tithing but what we believe to be the New Testament concept of 'GRACE GIVING"  Tithing is a good starting point as far as giving to the work of the Lord is concerned, but some who tithe actually rob God as they are enjoying so much of God's grace, that tithing just does not fit the grace of God. This video by this young man is catchy, but it drives home the fact that each of us should have a story. Many times we use our circumstances as an excuse not to give. God and His work must wait, because I am jobless, or my income is small, but we fail to take stock of just how blessed we are. Also when we look at the things we do spend on in spite of our lack of resources, we need to ask if God is well pleased with us. Enjoy this video clip. 'Flood' in his story is the name of the young man's church.