Embracing the Bible

The Word of God is so critical in the life of every Believer and yet we struggle with the basics. For a long time I wanted to write some articles that helps Christians deal on a day to day basis with those simple yet sometimes hard realities about understanding the Word of God and how to apply it. In short, I want you to fall in love with the Bible and have confidence in the Bible. Well, Mark Driscoll and some of the men close to him have saved me much time and effort for now as they present the following list of short, easy to grasp articles on the Bible. Read these articles, read them again and again, and make it part of your life and thinking.


Why not just point you to 'The Resurgence' blog where this info comes from. Very simple, there is so much more to read on the blog. I have here placed that which is tightly tucked into the topic of the Bible. You can however visit their blog which appears under our recommended sites.

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1 . All truth is God's truth RC Sproul 1613
2 . Does the Bible contain errors Megan Almon 1746
3 . The big story of the Bible Yancey Arrington 1683
4 . Wielding God's Sword in prayer Marci Turner 1521
5 . Revolutionary parenting in the Lord Jessica Thompson 1588
6 . Handling Scripture like John Calvin Elliot Ritzema 1449
7 . Teaching children the Bible Sally Lloyd-Jones 1537
8 . Reading the Bible through the cross Chan Gilgore 1602
9 . How is the Bible all about Jesus? Mark Driscoll 1620
10 . Why Logos uses the ESV Mark Driscoll 1565
11 . Reading the Bible like Jonothan Edwards Kyle Strobel 1572
12 . Preaching with authority Albert Mohler 1620
13 . Why Expository Preaching Matters Albert Mohler 1517
14 . Expository Preaching - The antidote to anemic worship Albert Mohler 1549
15 . What preachers can learn from waiters Guy Mason 1628
16 . Scripture Powers Discipleship Jeremy Carr 1503
17 . Grace in the New Testament Dane Ortlund 1475
18 . Grace in the Old Testament Dane Ortlund 1556
19 . The Law and the Gospel Michale Horton 1534
20 . Diagnosis and Miracle Cure Matt Johnson 1546
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