Why Jesus?

Our prayer is that the following list of articles will fill your enquiring mind to the point that Jesus Christ will become real to you if you are not a believer as yet, and that Jesus Christ will become more precious to you if you are a believer. Maybe you have a friend who is either unsure, sceptical or in search of the truth, we then encourage you to pass these articles on to them.


These articles have not been written by us, but by the Bright Foundation and it is used with their permission. While we find the articles 100% helpful, there might be a few areas where we do not entirely agree theologically. At the end of the day it is a non-issue between us.

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1 . Five arguments for God William Craig 2691
2 . Is God Imaginary? Reasonable Faith 1976
3 . The atheist creation story Unknown 1829
4 . Why this scientist believes in God Francis Collins 1957
5 . World's most notorious atheist changes his mind Michael Gleghorn 1853
6 . Has science burried God (Video) Administrator 1779
7 . Why Jesus? Are science and Christianity compatible Administrator 2585
8 . Why Jesus? Can Jesus bring meaning to life? Bright Foundation 2869
9 . Why Jesus? Did Jesus rise from the dead? Bright Foundation 2634
10 . Why Jesus? Was Jesus the Messiah? Bright Foundation 2440
11 . Why Jesus? The trilemma of CS Lewis CS Lewis 2040
12 . Why Jesus? Did Jesus claim to be God? Bright Foundation 2354
13 . Why Jesus? Was Jesus a real person? Bright Foundation 2563